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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Erotic Lure Newsletter: April 2011 Edition

From the Erotica Readers & Writers Association
By Ashley Lister

Greetings from the UK. Lisabet's away from her desk. My name is Ashley Lister and I've been charged with the onerous duty of warming Lisabet's seat for the month of April. No. "Warming her seat" sounds like a rude expression, doesn't it? It's probably better if I say I'm filling in Lisabet's usual slot. No. That sounds even ruder! Let's just say I'm here to present the ERWA newsletter.

Before I put my foot further into my mouth, I'd best escort you round the developments behind this month's ERWA update.

Shall we start off at the Story Gallery? The quality here is so high we're likely to get a nosebleed just from reading the table of contents. The Marvellous M Christian is our guest author this month. For those unfamiliar with M. Christian's work you're in for a genuine treat. And, with your appetite whet, make sure you enjoy the scintillating stories from Rob Buckley, Mike Kimera, Nikko Lee, B K Billicki and the inimitable Remittance Girl.

To find out more visit:

Books for sensual readers? This April sees the release of Alison Tyler's Slave to Love. Last month saw the release of Rachel Kramer Bussel's Surrender. Check out the reviews for Lisabet's Body Electric (that's the title of her book, that's not me being flattering about her divine figure) and consider what I've got to say about the wonderful Kay Jaybee's The Perfect Submissive.

It's all here at:

(NB - If you're tempted to buy one of the brilliant books on offer, make sure you go through an ERWA Amazon link).

Authors Resources. This month Bill Gaius extols the pros and cons of self-publishing in a frank and fearless look at this much-maligned route into publication. I've also got an article in this month's Author's Resources - an exercise I've tried on a class or two where we look at describing your ideal writing location. And, if that's not enough, you should take some time in the Writer's Room.

If you're thinking of finding your own way to these publishing gems, the address is:

Inside the Erotic Mind this month is discussing the pernennial problem about chest hair on guys. Hot or not? Personally I'm just happy to be close to a chest so I don't care if it's hairy or not. I suppose I'd prefer it to be female, but I'm getting too old to be fussy nowadays. But, if it's got to be hairy I'll make do with whatever is on offer.

Join in the discussion, and see what the intelligent people have had to say at:

The Sex Toy Playground is essential reading this month. April is here and, whilst grumpy T.S. Eliot may have described it as the cruellest month, the rest of us know that April is the time for removing layers of clothes, making the most of shorter nights, and generally putting a spring in our springtime steps. This month the Sex Toy Playground has taken time to look at various devices that go bump and buzz in the night - every one of which sounds like a winner.

And to find out the skinny on whether or not penis pumps work, scoot over to the Sex Toy Playground:

The top choice in this month's Adult Movies is The Rocki Whore Picture Show. I don't need to say anything else, do I? I imagine everyone has just clicked through the link below to find out more and I've been left here talking to myself,

For those of you who are still with me, take the time to check out our portfolio of links. ERWA respects its members and wants to promote resources that combine an aesthete of erotica with an assurance of quality and security.

I should also say, this month's Web Gem is Eden Fantasys. Eden Fantasys, where adults shop for adult pleasures. Whether you're looking for your first sex toy or your twentieth. Whether you're looking for something vanilla, kinky: a product large or small, Eden Fantasys has a wide range of choices and products to suit a broad range of tastes. Enjoy a secure shopping experience and a wealth of inspiring resources that include forums, advice, reviews, and product videos for the web-savvy shopper.

Stop by to shop, and enjoy the welcoming community at Eden Fantasys:

And that's about it for me this month. Thanks for letting me take you on the tour. I hope you find it exciting and I trust you'll spend a fun-filled April indulging yourself in the splendours of the ERWA lifestyle.


Ashley Lister

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About the Author: Ashley Lister
is a UK author responsible for more than two-dozen erotic novels written under a variety of pseudonyms. His most recent work, Swingers: True Confessions from Today's Modern Swinging Scene (Virgin Books), a non-fiction book recounting the exploits of UK swingers, is his first title published under his own name.

Ashley’s non-fiction has appeared in a variety of magazines, including Forum, Chapter & Verse and The International Journal of Erotica. Nexus, Chimera and Silver Moon have published his full-length fiction, with shorter stories appearing in anthologies edited by Maxim Jakubowski, Rachel Kramer Bussel and Mitzi Szereto. He is very proud to be a regular contributor to ERWA.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

From the Erotica Readers & Writers Association
By Lisabet Sarai
March 2011

Dear Partisans of Pleasure,

I can hardly believe that February's gone already. The month just raced by in a haze of amorous encounters and uninterrupted orgasms. It's time once again for me to escort you through the slippery corridors of the Erotica Readers & Writers Association web site.

In the March Gallery we're introducing a new feature, our monthly Guest Author. Kicking things off with an awesome bio and three intense BDSM-themed stories is the legendary Rachel Kramer Bussel. With each issue, we'll be shining the spotlight on a new erotic luminary. We've booked a fabulous schedule to provide you with extra helping so the sizzling, smart erotica for which ERWA is so rightly acclaimed.

Don't worry, though - we've got the usual fantastic assortment of original erotic fiction from our ERWA members as well. This month we feature stories by both familiar and new authors, specially selected from the Storytime list for your reading pleasure.

Discover new dimensions of desire in the ERWA Gallery:

Still hungering for hot reading? Our Books for Sensual Readers section is your one-stop source for every sexual subgenre, complete with reviews by our staff. Headlining the section this month is COMING TOGETHER PRESENTS ROBERT BUCKLEY, a stellar volume of erotic noir stories from our very own senior editor, proceeds from which support the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America. You can read "Fortune's Fool", the lead tale from the collection, in the Gallery as well as Ashley Lister's interview with Bob in the Authors Resources section. (Don't believe all his flattering comments about my looks!)

Also featured is Violet Blue's new anthology of taboo-focused erotica for couples, SWEET DANGER and Rachel Kramer Bussel's GOTTA HAVE IT: 69 STORIES OF SUDDEN SEX. (The title says it all!) As a huge fan of Victorian-era erotica, I was drawn to Susan Johnson's SWEET AS THE DEVIL. Fans of gender-bending menage may enjoy Chloe Cole and L.C. Chase's novel THREE TO TANGO. Edward Kendrick's gay erotic novel EVERYONE'S MAN focuses on a male prostitute's struggle to regain his ability to love after being raped, while DATE NIGHT by Kathleen Dale offers a series of steamy lesbian vignettes that reveal the intense connection between the main characters.

For non-fiction, I have to recommend M.Christian's HOW TO WRITE AND SELL EROTICA. With hundreds of erotic publications to his credit, the "Literary Streetwalker" really knows what he's talking about. If "you want something visual/that's not too abysmal" (to quote Frankenfurter from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"), don't miss Maxim Jakubowski's MAMMOTH BOOK OF NEW EROTIC PHOTOGRAPHY.

All these titles and dozens more can be yours in an instant. Just click on our links to Amazon or Amazon UK. You can indulge yourself while knowing that you're doing your part to support the smartest and most original adult site on the web.

Indulge yourself in a literary orgy:

Speaking of a literary orgy, Donna George Storey is up to her usual delicious tricks in the Authors Resources section. Her topic this month is "First Drafts" and the fear they inspire. She says: "A story doesn't exist in the outline or plot, it comes into being sentence by sentence as I write it on the page." I know exactly what she's talking about.

Also in Author Resources, William Gaius begins his consideration of "The Decision to Self-Publish", with some hard-nosed facts. Ashley Lister's The Write Stuff had me gasping with laughter even as he discussed the serious topic of choosing character names. (But I'm sorry - Colin is a perfectly good name for a cat!)

The Resources section also includes literally dozens of calls for submissions. New this month is a call for essays on sexual topics for Rachel Kramer Bussel's BEST SEX WRITING 2012. Other noteworthy opportunities include Books We Love Publishers "Shoot the Moon Contest" (really a call for submissions), a gay sex-and-magick collection edited by Richard Labonte, and calls for bondage/BDSM erotic romance from Total-E-Bound and for stories about "men of mystery" from Loose Id. ERWA posts guidelines from virtually every reputable publisher of erotica, erotic romance and adult non-fiction in the business.

Nurture your muse and polish your publication list:

If you're visiting ERWA just for fun, I'm sure you'll want to check out the Sex Toy Playground and Adult Movies pages. In the Playground, Kyra Saunders reviews the Mystic Mini Wand rechargeable vibrator (with some informative photos) while the folks at Good Vibrations provide a tutorial on strengthening your PC muscles (you know, the ones that lead to cataclysmic coming...). The Sex Toy Scuttlebutt column features toys that double as exercise tools, as well as a number of elegant but oddly shaped vibrators. Both Babeland and Good Vibrations have discount offers for ERWA folks. We also welcome Eden Fantasys, a new affiliate. (Check out their great banner on the Inside the Erotic Mind "Loud & Proud" page!)

All work and no play is simply unacceptable:

Speaking of adult movies, of course we've got the latest for you (with generous discounts from many of our affiliates). XXX-rated parodies continue to be the rage; this month we feature no less than four, ranging from Superman to the Silence of the Lambs! I rather liked the description of "The Masseuse", featuring buff guys, demanding clients, and a gorgeous, predatory ex-girlfriend. On a similar theme, but with a good deal less plot, there's "Malibu Massage Parlor", which offers big butts and lots of oil. Couples will enjoy the "For Lovers Only" collection, four full-length DVD features full of true passion. Meanwhile, I always like to see what's new in the "Classics" section. With today's technology, forgotten gems are constantly being resurrected and restored. This month I hit paydirt with "Class of '86", BDSM porn from the early days when this genre was truly taboo. I also took a peek at our extensive anime listings. I vote for "La Blue Girl Episode 6". How can I resist a heroine who is a "supernatural sex ninja"?

Come watch:

Inside the Erotic Mind, our members are telling some great stories about being noisy during sex. Are you "loud and proud"? Just click on the "Participate" link to share your thoughts and experiences.

You never know what you'll encounter Inside the Erotic Mind:

Our Web Gem this month is Hips and Curves, the premiere on-line lingerie shop for big, beautiful women. Hips and Curves believe your gorgeous curves are made to be flaunted, caressed, adored - and adorned - in the latest and greatest plus size styles. So let your gorgeous cleavage spill out of a curve-enhancing plus size corset. Decorate your derriere in a pair of black lacy boy shorts. Throw on a pair of killer high heels and sashay around the bedroom like the sexy kitten you truly are. Hips and Curves has plus size intimate apparel for your every mood and whim. So what are you waiting for?

Click on Hips and Curves and start shopping!

Well, that's all for March. Next month I'll be otherwise occupied (my annual visit to slave training camp to brush up on my skills), but my dear friend Ashley Lister has promised to entertain you as least as thoroughly as I do. (I wonder if he completely understands what he's signed up for!) Until we meet again in the lusty month of May, I am:

Lasciviously yours,

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