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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Erotic Lure Newsletter: Dec 2011 - Jan 2012

From the Erotica Readers & Writers Association
By Lisabet Sarai

Dear Carnal Connoisseurs,

The season of giving is upon us, and here at the Erotica Readers & Writers Association, you can open your presents early. As is our time-honored tradition for December, this month's ERWA edition provides a super-sized selection of sensational smut, to keep you sizzling through the long, cold month of January. Meanwhile, if you're playing Santa and looking for help, you'll find some fabulous gift ideas right here at our site. Why brave the crowds at the mall when you can shop naked here at ERWA?

As usual, our Erotica Gallery authors generously offer their work for your reading pleasure. Award-winning author and editor Kristina Wright is our featured contributor this month, sharing three tales guaranteed to raise your temperature. Then move on to more arousing stories from members of the Storytime list, most with holiday themes, and poems in many moods, from evocative to bawdy. What does Santa have to do with Viagra? Find out in the Gallery!

Get yourself into the festive spirit in the Gallery:

In the Books for Sensual Readers section, 'tis the season for "Best of" erotic anthologies. Whatever your tastes (or those of the folks on your gift list), you'll find something to satisfy: BEST EROTIC ROMANCE (edited by Kristina Wright), BEST WOMEN'S EROTICA 2012 (Violet Blue), BEST BONDAGE EROTICA 2012 and BEST SEX WRITING 2012 (Rachel Kramer Bussel - the latter non-fiction), BEST GAY EROTICA 2012 and BEST GAY ROMANCE 2012 (Richard Labonte), BEST LESBIAN ROMANCE 2012 (Radclyffe) and BEST LESBIAN EROTICA 2012 (Kathleen Warnock). Now don't try to tell me there's not something there that appeals! Anthologies are a great way to introduce a newcomer to the fabulous diversity in today's erotic literary scene.

If you're in the mood for longer fiction, consider Meljean Brook's steampunk erotic romance HEART OF STEEL, K.D. Grace's paranormal blockbuster BODY TEMPERATURE AND RISING, or THE GLASS HARMONICA by Dorothee E. Kocks, a historical erotic adventure that takes the heroine from Corsica to post-revolutionary America by way of Paris. Or take a peek at our graphic novels section, where I added both the dystopian taboo fantasy OUR LOVE IS REAL (by Sam Humphries and Seven Sanders) and the shocking BORGIA: FLAMES FROM HELL (by legends Jodorowsky and Manara) to my personal wish list. We've got art, photography and self-help books, too - for instance, Hanne Blank's revised and expanded BIG BIG LOVE, a sex and relationship manual for "people of size" and those who love them.

As I'm sure you know by now, our affiliate links are the fastest, easiest AND most virtuous way to order any books you fancy, for yourself or your loved ones. Buying sex books is virtuous? Certainly! Every time you click through from ERWA to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or any of our other reputable partners, you're also helping us keep ERWA alive and kicking, so you can continue to enjoy all the fabulous content we offer for free, month after month, year after year - for fifteen years and counting!

Keep up with the best erotic books on the market:

Speaking of "up", be sure to drop by the Adult Movies section this month, where we feature everything from comedy to classics - all triple X of course. There's "Happy Endings", a sex-laced tale of two soul mates who prove that opposites really do attract - and their meddling best friends. Or for something a bit rougher, consider "Fighters", which brings you into the world of women who box - for frustration, punishment, or thrills. Among the apparently unlimited parodies, "Beverly Hillbillies XXX" holds special promise; after all, lots of guys fantasized about Ellie Mae even on the G-rated TV show. Meanwhile, I'm curious to see "Last Tango", a totally adult remake of the classic Brando film featuring Europe's hottest performers. It's hard to imagine anything more scorching than the original - but who knows? If you're fed up with plot and looking mostly for ripe flesh, don't miss "Mommies Gone Bad", which sounds like a live version of Rebecca's "Housewives at Play" comics (which you probably know are among my favorites).

All these movies and dozens more are available via our partner links. They're not "Miracle on 34th Street" but I guarantee they'll heat up your holidays.

Nothing like a good, old-fashioned skin flick:

Want to have double the fun? Add a toy or two to your movie-watching experience. In our Sex Toy Playground, you'll find all the information you need. This month Mr. and Mrs. Toy review another Liberator product, the Flip Ramp, and Keira Saunders raves about the doll-shaped Matryoska vibrator. I'll take one of each, please! The monthly Sex Toy Scuttlebutt column offers sexy holiday gift guides from Adam & Eve, Babeland and Good Vibrations - along with special discounts, of course, for faithful ERWA readers.

Take a stroll through the Playground:

Speaking of porn, that's the topic of a lively discussion this month Inside the Erotic Mind. Does viewing porn enhance or damage a relationship? You'll find three pages of thoughtful commentary on this topic, from all sides of the issue. Feel free to share your own opinions. Just click on the Participate link.

It's always steamy inside the erotic mind:

Last, but certainly not least, we have goodies for all you authors out there. Donna George Storey discusses the rocky road to publication, then rewards you with two scrumptious dessert recipes. In his article "Marketing Self-Published Books", William Gaius serves up the hard truth: marketing is ugly, but it can't be escaped. Ashley Lister recommends that, like old love letters, you hang on to your original drafts, so you can trace the evolution of your skill.

While you're on the Authors Resources page, take at least a quick look through our huge compendium of publishers' guidelines and calls for submissions. New items this month include Maxim Jakubowski's Mammoth Book of Erotic Quickies, "Switch", a BDSM erotic romance anthology from Total-E-Bound, and a "My First Spanking" collection from Ravenous Romance. There are lots of opportunities in the GLBT section, including Sacchi Green's "Wild Girls, Wild Nights" and Shane Allison's "Steam Bath". And don't forget the possibilities for on-line publishing. We list a number of websites that pay for erotic stories as well as non-fiction.

Celebrate the new year with a new publishing contract:

By the way, our holiday edition of ERWA is sponsored by Adult FriendFinder, the wildly popular adult dating community where you can make new friends and hook up with the sexy singles or swinging couples. Whether you're looking for steamy chatrooms, live Webcams, swinger action, or that special someone; whether you're straight, bent, or kinky; for friendship or romance - you'll find what you want at Adult Friend Finder. Make a resolution! Promise yourself you'll make some new friends in the coming year at

Speaking of New Year's resolutions, I've made a couple:

1. I will try to remember to wear panties when I get dressed for work.

2. I will stop arguing with my Dom (because, as he's quick to point out, he's always right).

3. I will avoid excessive alliteration in next year's naughty newsletters.

Probably these will suffer the same fate as most resolutions... I guess I'll just resolve to be myself, enjoy life, and spread the love around.

May your holidays be naughty AND nice!


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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Erotic Lure Newsletter: November 2011 Edition

From the Erotica Readers & Writers Association
By Lisabet Sarai

Dear Prurient Pilgrims,

It's November, the traditional season for giving thanks, pumpkin pie, and Pilgrim bondage jokes. I apologize but I just can't help myself. My first BDSM experience took place during a memorable Thanksgiving vacation, many years ago. Now I can't see a turkey without imagining myself trussed up!

Hopefully you can escape from the stocks of holiday responsibility long enough for me to give you a quick overview of the bountiful offerings in the Erotica Readers & Writers Association November edition.

Starting (as is traditional) in the Erotica Galleries, you can meet our Featured Guest, acclaimed author and editor Christopher Pierce. Christopher specializes in steamy M/M stories with a theme of power exchange, and has offered three of his best for your delectation, including a spooky tale that would have been equally appropriate for Halloween.

Don't stop there, though. Thanksgiving is all about over-indulgence! Sample this month's arousing, emotionally complex stories, flashers and poems by ERWA Storytime participants. If you're still not sated, dip into the Treasure Chest, where you'll find the best of the best from historical editions of ERWA.

Enjoy our lascivious, literary cornucopia:

There's much to be thankful for in the Books for Sensual Readers pages. For a light-hearted demonstration that humor can be sexy, check out Jeremy Edwards' latest title, PLEASURE DIAL: AN EROTOCOMEDIC NOVEL OF OLD TIME RADIO. This is also a debut release for the new OC Press, an offshoot of the highly respected Oysters and Chocolate on-line zine. For stories with a darker flavor, I recommend EROTICA APOCRYPHA, edited by Catherine Leary, which imagines the seamier underside of biblical and mythological texts. Rachel Kramer Bussel edits WOMEN IN LUST - the title says it all, but the talented authors inside the covers (many of whom are ERWA veterans) know how to keep the thrills fresh.

For gay titles, I recommend Richard Labonte's collection EROTIC EXOTICA: TALES OF SEX, MAGIC AND THE SUPERNATURAL. I've never read a Richard Labonte anthology I didn't like. Paul Russell has penned a non-fiction opus that reads like a novel, in THE UNREAL LIFE OF SERGEY NABOKOV. Sergey, the gay brother of Lolita's creator, lived in the shadow of his famous sibling, mingling with literary and artistic luminaries such as Jean Cocteau, Gertrude Stein and Picasso. Mr. Russell vividly evokes the man's twisted, tragic and courageous history.

If you're in search of lesbian fiction, M.J. Williams' FORBIDDEN PASSIONS might meet your needs. This tale set in antebellum Louisiana features Southern belles who aren't waiting to be saved by some likely gentleman. And don't miss Tristan Taormino's award winning anthology SOMETIMES SHE LETS ME, a stunning compilation of butch/femme erotica.

All these titles and dozens more are waiting for you on our virtual shelves, and every one can be yours at the click of a mouse. Please use our affiliate Amazon and Barnes & Noble links to purchase your selections. You'll be helping to insure that the ERWA can continue to offer the erotic feasts that are its trademark.

For those who prefer their reading spicy:

Bored with watching football? Slip off to the Sex Toy Playground for more active sports. This month, the gals at Good Vibrations provide a comprehensive dissertation on how to clean and care for your sex toys, depending on the material they're made of. (Sigh...I was sorry to read that leather is almost impossible to clean completely.)  Kyra Saunders reviews the Paulina Vibe, a "rabbit" type dual vibrator that hits all the right spots. I liked the photo that shows her holding the vibe, since it provides an accurate impression as to the size (not that I get much chance to complain if a toy's too big, of course...)  Finally, the Sex Toy Scuttlebutt gives you a round up of all the latest and greatest erotic devices. Check out the Club Vibe 2.OH, a "wireless music-driven vibe". Honestly, it sounds like something from one of my stories!

As usual, we've arranged special deals with many of our affiliates, so you can enjoy the intellectual satisfaction of saving money and moral satisfaction of knowing you're supporting ERWA - on top of the physical satisfaction!

Indulge your inner pervert:

In the Adult Movies section, porn productions get more elaborate and sophisticated all the time. Featured this month is science fiction extravaganza "Horizon", with state-of-the-art special effects along with scorching performances by Alektra Blue, Jessica Drake and Keylani Lei. Then there's "Saturday Night Fever XXX", not so much a parody as a meticulously filmed homage to the classic original that includes all the sex only hinted at on the big screen. Couples may enjoy erotic thriller "Love is a ... Dangerous Game", about an author switching to writing horror and seeking advice from a charismatic master of the genre. Will he turn out to be the love of her life? Or the one who'll end it? And who could resist "Bra, Panties, Scissors", a quirky celebration of lingerie and sex, or Brad Armstrong's combination cabaret and fuck-fest, "Sexy"?

Make sure you have something to do after Thanksgiving dinner:

In the Authors Resources pages, Ashley Lister shares his recent experiences at a writers' workshop, and recommends that you attend one too. Our other regular columnists appear to be - um - tied up this month, but if you want more advice and support for your own writing, delve into the Authors Resources archives. We have articles going back as far as 2006, on topics from inspiration to punctuation.

The Calls for Submissions list this month offers a healthy harvest of publication opportunities. Circlet Press has opened a call for stories set in the world of Laura Antoniou's Marketplace. Top editor D.L. King is looking for red hot spanking stories. Readerotica, a site associated with an adult toy vendor, is seeking high-spirited, high-temperature erotic stories to get their customers into the appropriate mood. There are at least half a dozen calls for gay anthologies, including tales about scars and tattoos and dubious consent tales (in a collection to be titled "Like It Or Not").

Find your perfect (publishing) match:

Inside the Erotic Mind, participants share three fantasies: something they'd definitely do, if they had the chance; something they might do, if circumstances were just right; and something they like to imagine, but would never actually do in reality. Fascinating reading! Want to share your take on the topic? Just click on the Participate link.

Expand your erotic horizons:

I gave in to temptation this month and spent a while exploring ERWA's portfolio of adult links. The Links page provides a well-organized directory of sites of many types: online writers' resources, erotic art, sexy animation, GLBT entertainment, BDSM and spanking... pretty much anything you might be looking for. We continually comb the web for the best sites in each category. (If you have a suggestion, just let our webmistress Adrienne know!)

Of course, I couldn't resist following some of the BDSM links. Several hours later, I pulled myself back to the task of working on the Lure... Hey, I was doing research!

Visit the best of the adult web:

Our featured Web Gem this month is our long-time partner Good Vibrations, where adults shop for adult pleasures. Whether you're shopping for your first sex toy or your twentieth, something vanilla or kinky, for her, for him, or for the two of you, you'll find want you're looking for at GV. And if you have questions, just ask. The gals at Good Vibrations are experts on safe, fun sexual experimentation. Use the following link, along with discount code ERWA10 (at check out) for a 10% discount.

Well, that's it for the November Erotic Lure. I've got to get back to the sewing machine. My Pilgrim outfit from last year is in shreds (I'll leave you to imagine how it got that way) and I'll need a new costume for Turkey Day. I'm considering something native American. I'm sure you've seen pictures of the muscular, half-naked brave bringing offerings to the first Thanksgiving feast - a heavy sack of corn in his hands, a deer tied fore and aft with leather thongs swung across his shoulders. All I have to do is look at that doe, and I get ideas...

Gratefully yours,

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Call for documentary participants

An award winning documentary production company based in Australia and California that produces top rated serious programs for major cable networks is seeking people that have been or are involved in an ANR/ABF relationship [Adult Nursing Relationship / Adult Breast Feeding] to share their stories with us for a documentary on love and relationships for a prime time cable program. Please contact me and I will answer all of your questions. You will be treated with respect! PLEASE RE-POST THIS OR PASS IT ALONG!

Contact: Alisa, Researcher, San Francisco

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Erotic Lure Newsletter: October 2011 Edition

From the Erotica Readers & Writers Association
By Lisabet Sarai

Dear Acolytes of the Amorous,

October is upon us, the traditional time for chills, thrills, and pleasures from beyond the mortal realm. Here at the Erotica Readers & Writers Association we've concocted a potent brew of sensual delights spiked with just the tiniest taste of terror, to set your heart racing and your imagination roaming. Walk with me through the shadowy, cobweb-draped corridors of our October edition as I reveal the profane spectacles we've assembled for your entertainment.

In the Erotica Gallery we celebrate the occult season with our usual October theme, La Petite Mort. Lisette Ashton, our featured author, shares three of her sexy, scary tales, including an excerpt from her hilarious vampire sextravaganza ONCE BITTEN. Our talented Storytime members have contributed their own visions of tentacled monsters, vampire sluts, werewolves and ghosts, wrapped up with enough flesh and fluids to make your blood run hot rather than cold. We have flashers and poems, too, juicy morsels of lascivious enchantment offered for your delectation.

Lose yourself in our lust-haunted forest of dreams:

Our Books For Sensual Readers section this month features M. Christian's creepy and compelling new novel, FINGER'S BREADTH, as well as Vinnie Tesla's outrageous opus, THE EROTOFLUIDIC AGE - a sort of cross between Mary Shelley and R. Crumb. Kristina Wright offers more tales of science and engineering run wild in her new steampunk anthology STEAMLUST. Tristan Taormino's collection of trans and  genderqueer erotica TAKE ME THERE is twisted by intention, while Lynne Connolly's paranormal erotic romance SHIFTING HEAT gives readers yet another seductive monster. In Josh Lanyon's gay mystery ALL SHE WROTE, a murderer stalks six authors trapped in a snowbound New England country house. Ronica Black's lesbian D/s tale CONQUEST deals with a power that only feels supernatural. In our art and photography pages, I happened on LA PETITE MORT, Will Santillo's stunning collection of images showing women masturbating to orgasm. And I recommend Susie Bright's memoir BIG SEX LITTLE DEATH for a seasonally appropriate dose of non-fiction.

All these tomes and scores more await you on our virtual bookshelves. Be sure that you use our convenient links to Amazon or Barnes & Noble should you desire to add any of these volumes to your personal library. Otherwise our resident witches will whip up an appropriately unpleasant curse.

Search the erotic arcana:

If you want to work some magic in the bedroom, consult the experts in the ERWA Sex Toy Playground  This month, Good Vibrations provides advice on how to choose a sexual lubricant while Mr. and Mrs. Toy review the Liberator BonBon Toy Mount. Our regular the Sex Toy Scuttlebutt column highlights the latest developments in the field of amorous instruments. As an ERWA reader, you can take advantage of discounts from affiliates such as Adam & Eve, Babeland and Good Vibrations. Just use our instant coupon codes when you order.

Bring your skeletons out of the closet and make 'em dance:

The Best Adult Movies pages are crawling with stuff to make you shiver and shake. Headlining the October offerings is "Halloween XXX", a porn parody of the popular horror series that fortunately offers more flesh than blood. My personal choice this month is "Runaway", featuring Capri Anderson, a red head to die for. "Asa Akira is Insatiable Volume 2" stands out in the total smut category, featuring a long list of sexual acts that included acronyms even I had to look up.

For treats and the occasional trick, check out our movies:

Inside the Erotic Mind this month, you'll find pages of surprising, entertaining and arousing commentary on the question of what men and women think about during the act of sex. You're welcome to add your own thoughts. Just click the link labeled "Participate".

Share your forbidden fantasies:

All play and no work and there wouldn't be any erotica for you to read. In the Author Resources section, our columnists continue to toil away, expounding on the mysteries of publishing success. This month Donna George Storey talks about why working with a critique partner is like sex, offers tips for both giving and receiving crits, and manages to work in a scrumptious sounding recipe for oven-roasted Brussel sprouts. William Gaius continues his detailed, step-by-step tutorial on how to create a Print-on-Demand book. Ashley Lister is back, asserting "Nil Bastardum Carborundum" - that is, don't let the bastards get you down. He's talking about the multitudinous forces that influence us writers to just give up. I particularly resonated with his comments about "status envy". Don't miss it.

Of course, you can't publish if you don't submit. As usual, ERWA keeps you informed of publishing venues and opportunities with our regularly updated list of calls for submissions. New this month is the announcement that the folks responsible for the highly regarded Oysters and Chocolate web site are starting a new imprint, OC Press. Other calls include Tinder James' anthology "Stretched" (sex that's a little over the top but not entirely implausible"), Mitzi Szereto's "Kingdoms of Desire" (sword and sorcery), and Richard Labonte's "Showing Off, Getting Off" (gay exhibitionism). Rachel Kramer Bussel has several open anthology calls, while Joan Price is seeking erotic stories about seniors. Ravenous Romance and Naughty Nights also have calls for new collections. That's just the beginning. Whether you're trying to sell your short stories, novellas, novels, non-fiction or erotic art, make ERWA your first stop for information and inspiration.

Transform your publishing visions into realities:

Our featured Web Gem for October, just in time for trick or treat, is I remember how my siblings and I used to look forward to the bounty distributed by our neighbors every Halloween., the "virtual corner candy store", features thousands of different candy lines, including a wide variety of all-natural and organic products. I'll bet they even have those licorice whips I used to love so much. (Yeah, I was precocious.) Browse their mouth-watering pages today at:

I will leave you here, at the threshold to even greater thrills. Feel free to explore on your own. I've got to work on what I'm going to wear for the annual ERWA Halloween Ball. I'd been thinking about  masquerading this year as a succubus -- but then it occurred to me that nobody would realize I was in costume. Wishing you a Halloween steeped in magick.



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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Erotic Lure Newsletter: September 2011 Edition

From the Erotica Readers & Writers Association
By Lisabet Sarai

Dear Pupils of Prurient Pedagogy,

September always stimulates my memories of back-to-school: crisp empty notebooks and well-sharpened pencils, a brand new wardrobe, strict teachers quick with the ruler or the cane... Okay, okay, so those memories are from a number of years later. Nevertheless, I adored school, and so there's something about this month that continues to excite me.

If you're looking for excitement, you've come to the right place, the Erotica Readers & Writers Association web site. I'm headmistress Lisabet Sarai, here to make sure you know what's good for you. Pay attention, now, while I instruct you in the many delights that await the diligent student among our pages.

Our first lesson begins in the Story Gallery, where our special guest author is the erudite and prolific Jean Roberta. Appropriately, she teaches at a renowned Canadian university - when she's not penning her literate smut, that is. You'll find three enticing tales by Jean in the Gallery this month, showcasing the diversity of her talent.

When you've finished reading Jean's contributions, don't neglect the rest of the tantalizing original fiction we feature this month. We've got complex, multi-faceted stories and sizzling quickies, all guaranteed to entertain as well as enlighten you. You get extra credit if you read the poetry - some hilarious limerick cycles as well as more serious verse.

English composition class was never this much fun:

Since reading is one of the three essential skills (along with writing and flogging), I'll lead you next to the Books for Sensual Readers section, where we keep you informed about all the best new erotic titles. This month we showcase a number of stellar anthologies, including Delilah Devlin's lesbian vampire collection GIRLS WHO BITE, Catherine Leary's shocking and arousing collection about sex and apocalypse, THIS IS THE WAY THE WORLD ENDS, and Mitzi Szereto's delicious Gothic romance anthology RED VELVET AND ABSINTHE. If you'd prefer a novel to a selection of short fiction, pick up Saskia Walker's medieval tale about an accused witch and a priest of dubious sanctity, THE HARLOT. Everyone's talking about HOUSE OF HOLES, Nicholas Baker's surreal, boisterous, and bizarre sexual opus. It sounds like great fun, and it's "Literature", too - reviewed by the New York Times and everything!

In the gay fiction category, you'll certainly want to check out KISSING SHERLOCK HOLMES, a re-imagining of the classic detective and his dedicated assistant by T.D. McKinney and Terry Wylis. Lesbian lit fans will enjoy KISS THE RAIN by Larkin Rose, a sexy romance about secrets and lies, fashion and phone sex. Meanwhile, your assignment for history class is ONE NATION - UNDER SEX. Free speech advocate and founder of Hustler magazine, the notorious Larry Flynt, teams up with a history professor from Columbia University to explore the colorful sex lives of American presidents, first ladies and their lovers - and how that has influenced history.

I'll expect your book report before the end of the month:

Speaking of expectations: if you decide to purchase the above titles or any others, I presume you will remember to use ERWA's affiliate links to Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Should you forget and carelessly throw away potential revenue for ERWA by buying elsewhere, let me assure you that I have my ruler handy.

Every educator knows that book learning is no substitute for practical, action-oriented experience. So follow me over to the Sex Toy Playground for some hands-on activity with amatory artifacts. The folks at Adam and Eve, in the spirit of back-to-school, offer an informative history of sex toys. Even the Sears and Roebuck Catalog shows up in their essay. Kyra Saunders' review of the Bnaughty bullet vibrator had me laughing with her description of how her last vibe bit the dust. As usual, the Sex Toy Scuttlebutt serves as the Cliff Notes for sex toys, hitting the highlights of what's new from our partners. The observant pupil will note that a number of our affiliates are offering significant discounts to ERWA subscribers. Don't miss the Smartballs Kegel training kit; remember that a fit pussy is a happy pussy.

Get some physical education:

Remember those film strips they used to run in "Health" class? Our Adult Movies are more fun, and more accurate, too. I usually don't appreciate parodies, but "Elvis XXX" sounds too good to miss. Featuring your favorite porn stars masquerading as Ann Margret, Marilyn Monroe, Natalie Wood and the King himself, the film is a rollicking, raunchy musical tribute to the man who invented the mobile pelvis.

Other titles that caught my eye include "Portrait of a Call Girl", a character study of a young woman's sexual path to freedom from her past. "Backdoor to Chyna" features World Wrestling Foundation champion Chyna in a filthy, outrageous set of over-the-top sexual scenarios. Classic porn is always educational. The 1980 hit "Downstairs, Upstairs" is a typical example. It stars the delectable Seka as a maid who takes employment in an aristocratic, sex-crazed British family and is of course drawn into their kinky games.

All these movies and dozens more are waiting for you. Just click on the link to your favorite provider. ERWA gives you a broad choice, and guess what? Many are offering discounts. Be good and order your top five.

There'll be a film quiz later:

Inside the Erotic Mind, our members are discussing BDSM, a surprisingly controversial subject. To share your opinions, just click the Participate link. I did.

Everything is permitted inside the erotic mind:

We've covered reading and flogging, so it's time to turn to writing. In the Author Resources section, William Gaius provides a detailed guide to techniques and terminology in preparing your book for Print-On-Demand. Ashley Lister offers pointers on doing it in public - reading your work, that is. Explore our comprehensive archives, which cover more than five years of advice and inspiration from the experts.

The Calls for Submissions listings are overflowing with publishing opportunities. New items this month include a cowboy anthology edited by Delilah Devlin, a female submission anthology with Rachel Kramer Bussel, Mitzi Szereto's call for swords and sorcery erotic fiction ("Kingdoms of Desire"), and Storm Moon Press' call for gender-bending "trans*" fiction. Forbidden Fiction is a new ebook and print publisher focusing on taboo fantasy erotica. This is just the tip of the iceberg. ERWA provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date compendium of places for you to submit your work, including magazines, websites, even audio publishers.

I don't want to hear you whining that there's no market for erotica:

And while I'm addressing myself to the writers, editors and publishers among you, let me remind you that there's still time to register for the Erotic Authors Association's inaugural erotic writers' conference, Sex in Sin City. The conference will be held at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip, September 9 and 10, 2011. Come meet your fellow smutmongers! With panels, classes, readings, publisher consultations, and of course parties, Sex in Sin City promises to be both educational and fun. AND it's probably tax deductible.

For registration and hotel links, as well as a complete list of panels and panelists, classes and presenters as well as bios and photos, visit the EAA website at:

Don't dawdle now.

Our September web gem is adult emporium Lovehoney. Sexual happiness starts with Lovehoney. Whether you're looking for a sex toy, some extra special lingerie, erotic literature or a gift with a sexy twist, has everything you need for a fun and fulfilling sex life. Lovehoney believes that exploration, play and please is a combination worth indulging in. With free advice, delivery and 1 year returns, you can shop in total confidence with Lovehoney - The Sexual Happiness People:

It's time for me to let you out of class, but I do hope you'll do your homework. If school had only been as motivating as the ERWA site, we all would have gotten better grades.

As for me, I've just been called to the principal's office. My backside's already tingling in anticipation.


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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Event Alert

Writers, editors and publishers: there's still time to register for the Erotic Authors Association's inaugural erotic writers' conference, Sex in Sin City, being held at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip, September 9 and 10, 2011!

This is the first conference, specifically for writers of erotic content. The scheduled presenters comprise a veritable who's who of erotic fiction.

Attend panels on everything from publishing to using your personal sex life as erotic fodder for your stories, as well as classes on a broad range of topics from grammar to using a form of hypnosis in audio casting. Our presenters include a veritable "Who's Who" of the genre, such as Rachel Kramer Bussel, M. Christian, Laura Antoniou, Remittance Girl, Radclyffe, Cecilia Tan and many more.

Talk with publishers from Cleis Press, Bold Strokes Books, Accent/Excite, Ellora's Cave and others, many of which will be taking pitches in one-to-one registered sessions.

Attend an erotic reading at the Las Vegas Erotic Heritage Museum and sign up to read five minutes of your work. And don't forget to sign up to read in one of the open reading sessions at the conference.

Two full days of events comprising three tracks: panels, classes and readings, will make for some difficult decisions on the part of conference attendees. For a complete list of panels and panelists, classes and presenters as well as bios and photos, please go to the EAA website and peruse the various conference links. Registration and hotel links are available for your convenience.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Erotic Lure Newsletter: August 2011 Edition

From the Erotica Readers & Writers Association
By Lisabet Sarai

Dear Wanton Wenches and Lusty Lads,

It's that time once again - time for me to lead you through the latest salacious edition of the Erotica Readers & Writers Association web site. As usual, I've dressed for the occasion. All right, perhaps "undressed" would be more appropriate, but don't let my costume distract you. The ERWA site is even more fun than I am.

As is my wont, I'll start in the Erotica Gallery, where our August featured author is the enticing and erudite Dr. Donna George Storey. She's penned a fabulous article about how she got started writing erotica and then provided three steamy stories, including her first published erotica, "Picture Perfect". I've read (and loved) a lot of Donna's work, but this one was new to me - and it's great.

The Gallery also offers several spicy tales on the theme "They're Playing Our Song", a bit of romance from our editor Robert Buckley, and some delightful flashers and poems.

Our original erotica will get you in the mood:

Are you hungry for more sexy reading? We have what it takes to satisfy you. Every month in our Books for Sensual Readers section, we feature dozens of new titles in every sub-genre. If you fancy an erotic anthology, I recommend NICE GIRLS, NAUGHTY SEX, a selection of saucy tales from the acclaimed Oysters and Chocolate web site, edited by Jordan La Rousse and Samantha Sade. For surprising, arousing stories that twist traditional notions of gender, pick up the Circlet Press collection UP FOR GRABS 2, edited by Lauren P. Burka. Lynne Connolly's sizzling erotic romance SUNSHINE ON CHROME brings to life the beloved fantasy of a mature woman pursued by a hot younger man. Or choose my own erotic thriller EXPOSURE for something edgier and more ambiguous.

Our gay lit section features several anthologies edited by the always astute Richard LaBonte, as well as SHAMEFUL DESIRES 1: ENSLAVED, by P.J. Proud, for fans of gay BDSM. My lesbian lit pick this month is WOMEN OF THE MEAN STREETS: LESBIAN NOIR, edited by J.M. Redmann and Greg Herren. Sounds like it's right up my alley (a shadow-draped alley in the middle of the big, bad city, of course). In non-fiction, Rob Hardy reviews BIG SEX, LITTLE DEATH: A MEMOIR, the autobiography of erotic literary legend Susie Bright. I slipped deeper into the stacks to check out the graphic novels. There are a couple of Housewives at Play titles from my favorite Rebecca that had me sweating. Looking for something new, I zeroed in on GREAT MOVES, by Robert Edison Sandiford and Geof Isherwood, three lushly illustrated erotic tales featuring curvy Caribbean women.

Doctors have shown again and again that frustration isn't good for your health. So what are you waiting for? Just use our links to Amazon or Barnes and Noble to order the books you want and you'll have them in your hands in no time. Meanwhile, you can congratulate yourself on the fact that you're helping keep ERWA alive and kicking.

Spice up your summer with some sexy books:

When you're tired of reading and want some action, drop by the Sex Toy Playground. Mr. and Mrs. Toy provide an informative and arousing review of a product called "Menage a Trois for Two", a harness kit that facilitates double penetration by a single male. What will they think of next? If you've got the time, check out the bio for the reviewers; they sound like a fun couple. The Playground also offers a frank article on how to talk to your partner about bondage, plus our regular Sex Toy Scuttlebutt feature, with discount offers from Babeland, Good Vibrations, and Adam and Eve.

An orgasm (or two) a day keeps the doctor away:

More erotic entertainment awaits you in the Adult Movies section. Featured this month is the couples-oriented film "Dear Abby", about a cynical advice columnist who's having trouble keeping his own relationship together. Also recommended is "Cheaters Retreat 2", featuring a very different sort of couples counseling. Don't be fooled by the marketing! Erotic films aimed at the two of you are every bit as hot as the nastiest porn - they just tend to feature some plot along with their sex.

If you're not interested in plot, of course, you can always watch "Big Wet Asses #19" (the title says it all) or "Bush", featuring the allure of pubic hair (which has now become an exotic fetish in today's world of waxing). I'm always attracted to classic porn, before the genre became so stereotyped. This month ERWA is featuring the 1984 flick "A Little Bit of Hanky Panky", about two couples on a paradisical tropical island. Sounds like my kind of movie.

All these titles and dozens more can be yours with a click of the mouse on links to our trusted affiliates. Check the right sidebar for our list of partners - some of who offer member discounts to ERWA visitors.

It's showtime:

Inside the Erotic Mind this month, we offer two threads addressing the time-honored questions: What do women want? What do men want? You'll find a huge variety of answers, some of them quite surprising. This is the best Erotic Mind feature I've seen in a long time, so don't miss it. You can add your own thoughts. Just click "Participate".

Nothing is taboo inside the erotic mind:

My tour wouldn't be complete without a visit to the Author Resources pages, where our writing professionals share knowledge and inspiration. This month, Donna George Storey talks about what it means to be a "real writer". William Gaius offers a great summary of the myths and truths about copyright, while Ashley Lister shares his secrets for managing multiple projects.

Along with these gems of authorly wisdom, you'll find the largest compendium of calls for erotica submissions on the web. Current listings include "Coming Together: In Flux", a charitable anthology on the theme of transformation; Campus Sexploits (no explanation needed!); the latest edition of Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica; an anthology on the theme of bisexual women; and new guidelines for JMS Books and Pink Flamingo Publishing. Our list of venues continues to grow, and we update the open calls several times a month, so check back frequently.

Take your writing career to new heights:

Speaking of authorly activity, our monthly Web Gem is Book Cover Designs by John Nail. “Self-published” need not be synonymous with unprofessional. Your book can look like it came from an established publishing house with the help of an experienced graphic designer. John Nail has more than a decade of experience creating book covers that seduce readers with provocative, professional designs. As a writer himself, he understands how a well-designed cover can be a book’s best marketing tool. Be the book’s market straight, gay or bi, the subject romantic or raunchy, John can visually capture the essence of your book with a cover that will attract readers without repelling bookstores ­and all at a reasonable price. John can also help format your manuscript for printing, ensuring your book looks as good inside as out.

Check out some of John’s book cover designs at
You can reach John at

I hope you've enjoyed our little jaunt. As usual, I've only hit the highlights. There's enough hot content at ERWA to keep you smiling until next month, when I'll be back once again to show you a good time. And yes, I do take requests... I do adore the word "wench".

Wantonly yours,

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Erotic Lure Newsletter: July 2011 Edition

From the Erotica Readers & Writers Association
By Lisabet Sarai

Dear Polymorphously Perverse Partakers in the Prurient,

Okay, maybe I'm getting a bit carried away. (It wouldn't be the first time.) But it's been two months since the last edition of the Erotica Readers & Writers Association website and I'm suffering from the literary equivalent of blue balls. Fortunately, the July edition is guaranteed to satisfy both my needs and yours. Follow the bouncing butt as I lead you on a quick tour through some of the stimulating material awaiting you this month.

Our first stop is the Story Gallery, where you can meet our July Featured Guest, the renowned author, editor and poet Shane Allison. If you're a fan of powerful, edgy gay erotic fiction, check out Shane's two offerings, "Ron's Rim Chair" and "Neck of the Woods".

Our July theme is Techrotica, erotica at the interface between human and machine. You'll be amazed by our authors' fertile and lascivious imaginations. Don't miss the non-theme stories and our half-dozen flashers, full stories in two hundred words or less. Why not sample the poetry too? We promise that it's far more arousing than obscure.

Naughty, romantic, kinky, extreme: in the ERWA gallery there's something for every taste.

Need some beach reading? Check out our Books for Sensual Readers section. We have literally dozens of recommendations. Our titles are hot enough to distract you from the most revealing bikini or bodacious bod!

This month we feature a record number of outstanding anthologies, including Kristina Wright's paranormal erotic romance collection DREAM LOVER, D.L. King's steam punk extravaganza CARNAL MACHINES and Alison Tyler's exceptional D/s volume SLAVE TO LOVE. We've got tons of gay and lesbian anthos, too. HOT RODS, edited by Sean Lawrence, offers tales of mind-blowing biceps and boners, while Richard Labonte's BEST GAY ROMANCE 2011 demonstrates that love doesn't always equate with softness. Award-winning editor Sacchi Green presents stunning tales of "erotic investigations" in LESBIAN COPS. Kathleen Warnock showcases the cream of F/F fiction in the latest volume in her renowned series, BEST LESBIAN EROTICA 2011.

If you're in the mood for longer tales, I suggest you take a look at Kay Jaybee's THE PERFECT SUBMISSIVE, a classic BDSM novel set in a swanky country hotel. Or snag yourself one of our many erotic romance titles, such as Robin Shone's explicit Victorian novel THE LADY'S TUTOR or Larissa Ione's demon-steeped paranormal DESIRE UNCHAINED.

I've put CLEAN CARTOONISTS' DIRTY DRAWINGS, edited by Craig Yoe on my personal wish list. Cheesecake, pinups, and fetish drawings by the creators of such classics as Beatle Bailey, Dennis the Menace and B.C. - sounds like great fun! And don't forget our sexy sex-guide section. You can't go wrong with MOREGASM: BABELAND'S GUIDE TO MIND-BLOWING SEX by Rachel Venning and Claire Cavanah, the lovely and knowledgeable founders of the ground-breaking Babeland adult store.

Of course, you should use ERWA's affiliate Amazon [Amazon UK] links for anything you decide to buy. It doesn't cost you anything extra, and every purchase you make helps support the best free adult site on the web. Let me warn you - if I find out that you've been buying your books, movies and toys through someone else's links... well, let's just say that I know a bit about how to use a flogger or a riding crop - beyond the point that it's fun!

Indulge your literary lust:

What better way to spend a long, lazy summer afternoon than with your favorite sex toy? In the Sex Toy Playground, Kyra Saunders gives two thumbs up to the innovative Jimmyjane Form 4 vibrator. Alicia Guinn from Babeland provides a frank and informative how-to article on female ejaculation. The monthly Sex Toy Scuttlebutt column showcases top toys from all our trusted affiliates. I have to admit that to my old-fashioned eyes, modern vibrators look more like alien artifacts than the pseudo-phallic items I'm used to. Don't let that hold you back. We've got discount coupons for our readers, 10% from Babeland and Good Vibrations and a whopping 20% from Adam and Eve. So what are you waiting for?

All work and no play is no fun at all:

Summertime, and the coming is easy... especially when you sample some of the films in our Adult Movies section. Topping the list this month is Randy Spears' hilarious erotic comedy "The Orgasm", about a porn performer past his prime. You might not think this would be sexy, but believe me, you won't know whether you're laughing or climaxing. I can't get excited about the continued flood of porn parodies (though you might enjoy them), but Lizzie Borden's imaginative "Hollywood Icons Come to Life" is a different story. Today's hottest stars play the part of Hollywood legends such as Marilyn Monroe, Raquel Welch and (yes) Charlie Chaplin in movie-inspired fantasies. Two all-female sex-fests also caught my eye. "The Interns" follows a scheming, competitive collection of interns at a high end fashion magazine, as each tries to undercut the other's career - sounds like "The Devil Wears Prada" with a great deal more sex. "Cherry" is a scorching, BDSM-flavored woman-on-woman film set in a nude, all-girl strip club. Just the description got my pulse pounding.

We've got tons more films for you to contemplate, from classics to utter raunch. There are lots of options once you decide what you want, too, including our new affiliate SugarDVD, and Hot Movies for Her, the porn VOD shop especially for women.

Experience the sensual magic of the silver screen:

Things are lively this month in the Author Resources section. Ashley Lister gets tough in "The Unforgivable Taboo". He's not talking about incest, underage sex, or bestiality; you'll have to read his column to discover what he considers the worst sin. William Gaius provide an authoritative summary of options for getting your book into print in his article "Printing Technology for Self-Publishers", including a painstaking (and somewhat painful) economic analysis. But all is not gloomy - he sees huge financial opportunities in the rise of ebooks and ereaders.

Summer is slow in some businesses, but we've got enough opportunities in our Calls for Submissions list to keep you really busy. Recently announced calls include an erotic spanking anthology edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel, a succubus-themed anthology edited by D.L. King and two gay anthologies ("Middle Men" and "Nice Butt") from our July featured author Shane Allison. Naughty Nights Press is looking for wicked, wanton Halloween tales. All Romance Ebooks is running an erotic romance writing contest with a prize of $1000. There are dozens more calls and guidelines, from pretty much every publisher in the biz, for every category of erotic writing including non-fiction.

You have no excuse not to submit:

By the way, authors of erotic romance located in the U.K. should check out the upcoming event "A Romantic Date With Total-E-Bound Publishers", to be held on September 9, 2011 in historic Lincoln. Both established authors and newcomers are invited. For only £15.00, you get lunch, dinner and a guaranteed opportunity to discuss your work with a Total-E-Bound editor. To find out more visit

Inside the Erotic Mind, our members discuss whether they prefer oral sex or intercourse. You'll find many lively opinions on both sides of the issue. You can add your own thoughts; just click on the Participate link.

Nothing is forbidden inside the erotic mind:

Our featured Web Gem this month is For the Girls, the XXX-rated site designed especially for women. For the Girls offers a heady mix of passion, romance, and hardcore sex, with a huge selection of sexy photos, explicit movies, exclusive erotic fiction (see For The Girls call for submissions link below), provocative articles, sex advice, humor and lots more. At For The Girls you'll experience a real sense of intimacy and shared pleasure.

For the Girls:
FTG Call for Submissions:

Well, my friends, I've done what I can to set you on the right path. The rest is up to you. I'll be back next month with more pornographic puns and arousing alliteration. Meanwhile, tomorrow's the Fourth of July, and you know what _that_ means. My annual Naked Barbecue and Spankfest! Everyone's invited - bring your own fireworks. I'll supply the hotdogs (extra long), hamburgers, potato salad and paddles.

Patriotically yours,

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Erotic Lure Newsletter: May/June 2011 Edition

From the Erotica Readers & Writers Association
By Lisabet Sarai

Dear Salacious Subscribers,

Once again, it's the lusty month of May! Our stern webmistress Adrienne is taking a well-earned vacation from flogging her devoted staff (we _will_ miss her...), so this edition of the ERWA web site is super-sized, to keep you satisfied until July.

In the May/June Erotica Gallery, you'll find - me! I'm featured author this month, serving up an article about how I got into this addictive business of writing sexy stuff, as well as three of my favorite stories. Don't believe Bob Buckley's intro - I've never been anywhere near his sheets (though I won't say I haven't been tempted!)

My trio of tales is just the beginning though. The gallery also offers a wonderful collection of erotic fiction from your favorite ERWA authors. Swinging, exhibitionism, punishment both feared and desired - gritty reality and kinky futuristic fantasy - humor and angst - whatever you're in the mood for, our authors deliver. And don't forget to sample the fabulous flashers - short but not necessarily sweet! - and the efforts of our erotic poets.

Enjoy the best erotic writing on the 'Net:

Summer must be anthology season! Our Books for Sensual Readers is overflowing with great new titles. D.L. King's CARNAL MACHINES offers outrageous steam punk erotica from some of today's hottest writers (including your humble editor). Kristina Wright's DREAM LOVER showcases the best stories in the hugely popular genre of paranormal erotic romance. M. Christian presents new tales of the city in his collection SEX IN SAN FRANCISCO, with the help of a host of talented authors, many of them ERWA regulars.

Erotic chick lit is also steaming. Jasmine Haynes' PAST MIDNIGHT is a great example, featuring a couple who explore the delights and dangers of menage. Sword and sorcery fans will enjoy Lark LaTroy's HERE THERE BE DRAGONS, a tale of Druids and magic, dragons, and of course sex. In the gay erotica section, I was attracted to Eden Winters' novel ANGEL ON 13TH STREET, about an ex-hustler trying to help other young men while wrestling with his own past. Bold Strokes Books is going strong with a number of new lesbian novels. Check out KISS THE RAIN by Larkin Rose, a classic story of the clash between fantasy and reality.

In non-fiction, I'm lusting for my own copy of AMERICAN ROSE: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF GYPSY ROSE LEE, by Karen Abbott. I've been singing songs from the musical since I was kid - I'm fascinated by the real woman behind the Broadway glitter. And in the graphic novels section, sign me up for EROTIC COMICS 2, a compendium of the best graphic art (in both senses) from the swinging seventies up to the present.

All these great titles and scores more can be yours! Just use our convenient Amazon and Amazon UK affiliate links and click your way to satisfaction - feeling a bit smug because you're also contributing to the survival of ERWA.

Stock up on books for the beach and the bedroom:

In the Sex Toy Playground, Kyra Saunders and Mr. and Mrs. Toy offer their unexpurgated assessments of the latest erotic devices, the Desire Vibrator and the Duet Cock Ring respectively. Good Vibrations contributes an informative and arousing article entitled "How to Spank". (Okay, _I_ found it arousing. What did you expect?) The Sex Toy Scuttlebutt column collects hot-off-the-press recommendations from a range of adult toy vendors. Read carefully and you'll find discount coupons from Good Vibrations (10%), Adam and Eve (20%) and Babeland (10%)!

Orgasms keep you healthy:

Sliding on over to the Adult Movies section (using Liquid Silk lube purchased in the Playground), I note that X-rated parodies still seem to be the rage. Personally, I prefer my porn to be more original. I was drawn to "Sex Appeal" from Elegant Angel, featuring dirty close-ups, long body shots, and a brunette to die for on the cover. In the classic porn category, I zeroed in on Annette Haven's 1980 flick, "High School Memories". Since everyone's all gaga about the fairytale romance of Kate and Wills, you might want to celebrate the occasion by taking in "Sinderella and Me" or perhaps the nuptial romp "The Wedding Day".

Whatever films catch your fancy, you can get 'em straight from ERWA. We link directly to SugarDVD, SmutNetwork, Adult DVD Empire, Hot Movies for Her, Xmobile - and yes, we've got discounts on videos for you, too!

Explore the latest in sexy cinema:

Inside the Erotic Mind, members of the ERWA "Parlor" list are talking about a real problem: what to do when you're horny at work. Apparently there are solutions, if you dare... Got an opinion or story to share? Just click on the Participate link to add your comments.

Nothing is forbidden inside the erotic mind:

Speaking of comments - you may not realize that ERWA also has a blog. If you really want to express your opinion, sign up to follow us:

For those of you who plan to work this summer (I've got a few deadlines myself), the Authors Resources pages offer advice and support. This month, in her column "Seduce Your Reader", Donna George Storey tries to define difference between pornography and erotica. I think her commentary strikes right to the heart of the question. In erotica, unlike porn, characters "experience consequences when they have sex" and the interest of the story lies as much in how they react as in the sex itself. Meanwhile, Ashley Lister contributes a hilarious and insightful discussion of the erotic science fiction genre in "To Boldly Go": "It's sex, Jim - but not as we know it." Don't miss it!

Of course the Author Pages also list dozens of publishing opportunities for you authors. This month Nobilis Reed is calling for stories about transformation for the charitable anthology Coming Together: In Flux. Rachel Kramer Bussel is working on two anthologies, one on curvy women and a second hotel erotica volume, following up on her hugely successful DO NOT DISTURB. Authors of GLBT fiction may be interested in Delilah Devlin's Beastly Babes (lesbian shape-shifters), Ily Goyanes' Locker Room (lesbian jocks), or Shane Allison's three open calls (including one entitled "Nice Butt"!) There are calls for Father's Day stories and other seasonal tales, including (already!) "22 Days of Yule" from Storm Moon Press. Of course we also list guidelines for literally dozens of print and ebook publishers.

You can't complain that there's no place to publish your work!

This edition of ERWA is sponsored by Adult Friend Finder - the wildly popular adult personals site where you can find new friends, hook up with the sexy singles and swinging couples. Whether you're looking for steamy chatrooms, live Webcams, swinger action, or that special someone; whether you're straight, bent, or kinky -- if you are seriously looking for a friend, or more, your chances are very good at Adult FriendFinder.

That about wraps it up for this month's Lure. I'll be back in July, as usual, all decked out in my red, white and blue corset, ready to take good care of you all! Meanwhile, if you really miss me... well, I'm pretty easy. To find, I mean.

Lustily yours,

Is there a future in playing stand-in to a slave? THE UNDERSTUDY - M/F BDSM Romance by Lisabet Sarai, Now available from Total-E-Bound!

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Friday, April 29, 2011

Aspiring Authors Get Help Online

According to a New York Times article, on Tuesday, Penguin Group (publisher of such notables as Tom Clancy and Nora Robers) will unveil Book Country, a website for writers of genre fiction.

"In its initial phase Book Country will allow writers to post their own work -- whether it's an opening chapter or a full manuscript -- and receive critiques from other users, who can comment on points like character development, pacing and dialogue."

Sounds pretty cool so far, however, here's the kicker: Later this summer the site will generate revenue by allowing users to self-publish their books for a fee. The books will bear the stamp of Book Country, not Penguin.

The project is spearheaded by Molly Barton, the director of business development for Penguin and the president of Book Country.

So, what we have here is a very clever way for Penguin to raise income by enabling authors to self-publish stuff Penguin is not interested in publishing. Got to admire that bit of business ingenuity.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Erotic Lure Newsletter: April 2011 Edition

From the Erotica Readers & Writers Association
By Ashley Lister

Greetings from the UK. Lisabet's away from her desk. My name is Ashley Lister and I've been charged with the onerous duty of warming Lisabet's seat for the month of April. No. "Warming her seat" sounds like a rude expression, doesn't it? It's probably better if I say I'm filling in Lisabet's usual slot. No. That sounds even ruder! Let's just say I'm here to present the ERWA newsletter.

Before I put my foot further into my mouth, I'd best escort you round the developments behind this month's ERWA update.

Shall we start off at the Story Gallery? The quality here is so high we're likely to get a nosebleed just from reading the table of contents. The Marvellous M Christian is our guest author this month. For those unfamiliar with M. Christian's work you're in for a genuine treat. And, with your appetite whet, make sure you enjoy the scintillating stories from Rob Buckley, Mike Kimera, Nikko Lee, B K Billicki and the inimitable Remittance Girl.

To find out more visit:

Books for sensual readers? This April sees the release of Alison Tyler's Slave to Love. Last month saw the release of Rachel Kramer Bussel's Surrender. Check out the reviews for Lisabet's Body Electric (that's the title of her book, that's not me being flattering about her divine figure) and consider what I've got to say about the wonderful Kay Jaybee's The Perfect Submissive.

It's all here at:

(NB - If you're tempted to buy one of the brilliant books on offer, make sure you go through an ERWA Amazon link).

Authors Resources. This month Bill Gaius extols the pros and cons of self-publishing in a frank and fearless look at this much-maligned route into publication. I've also got an article in this month's Author's Resources - an exercise I've tried on a class or two where we look at describing your ideal writing location. And, if that's not enough, you should take some time in the Writer's Room.

If you're thinking of finding your own way to these publishing gems, the address is:

Inside the Erotic Mind this month is discussing the pernennial problem about chest hair on guys. Hot or not? Personally I'm just happy to be close to a chest so I don't care if it's hairy or not. I suppose I'd prefer it to be female, but I'm getting too old to be fussy nowadays. But, if it's got to be hairy I'll make do with whatever is on offer.

Join in the discussion, and see what the intelligent people have had to say at:

The Sex Toy Playground is essential reading this month. April is here and, whilst grumpy T.S. Eliot may have described it as the cruellest month, the rest of us know that April is the time for removing layers of clothes, making the most of shorter nights, and generally putting a spring in our springtime steps. This month the Sex Toy Playground has taken time to look at various devices that go bump and buzz in the night - every one of which sounds like a winner.

And to find out the skinny on whether or not penis pumps work, scoot over to the Sex Toy Playground:

The top choice in this month's Adult Movies is The Rocki Whore Picture Show. I don't need to say anything else, do I? I imagine everyone has just clicked through the link below to find out more and I've been left here talking to myself,

For those of you who are still with me, take the time to check out our portfolio of links. ERWA respects its members and wants to promote resources that combine an aesthete of erotica with an assurance of quality and security.

I should also say, this month's Web Gem is Eden Fantasys. Eden Fantasys, where adults shop for adult pleasures. Whether you're looking for your first sex toy or your twentieth. Whether you're looking for something vanilla, kinky: a product large or small, Eden Fantasys has a wide range of choices and products to suit a broad range of tastes. Enjoy a secure shopping experience and a wealth of inspiring resources that include forums, advice, reviews, and product videos for the web-savvy shopper.

Stop by to shop, and enjoy the welcoming community at Eden Fantasys:

And that's about it for me this month. Thanks for letting me take you on the tour. I hope you find it exciting and I trust you'll spend a fun-filled April indulging yourself in the splendours of the ERWA lifestyle.


Ashley Lister

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About the Author: Ashley Lister
is a UK author responsible for more than two-dozen erotic novels written under a variety of pseudonyms. His most recent work, Swingers: True Confessions from Today's Modern Swinging Scene (Virgin Books), a non-fiction book recounting the exploits of UK swingers, is his first title published under his own name.

Ashley’s non-fiction has appeared in a variety of magazines, including Forum, Chapter & Verse and The International Journal of Erotica. Nexus, Chimera and Silver Moon have published his full-length fiction, with shorter stories appearing in anthologies edited by Maxim Jakubowski, Rachel Kramer Bussel and Mitzi Szereto. He is very proud to be a regular contributor to ERWA.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

From the Erotica Readers & Writers Association
By Lisabet Sarai
March 2011

Dear Partisans of Pleasure,

I can hardly believe that February's gone already. The month just raced by in a haze of amorous encounters and uninterrupted orgasms. It's time once again for me to escort you through the slippery corridors of the Erotica Readers & Writers Association web site.

In the March Gallery we're introducing a new feature, our monthly Guest Author. Kicking things off with an awesome bio and three intense BDSM-themed stories is the legendary Rachel Kramer Bussel. With each issue, we'll be shining the spotlight on a new erotic luminary. We've booked a fabulous schedule to provide you with extra helping so the sizzling, smart erotica for which ERWA is so rightly acclaimed.

Don't worry, though - we've got the usual fantastic assortment of original erotic fiction from our ERWA members as well. This month we feature stories by both familiar and new authors, specially selected from the Storytime list for your reading pleasure.

Discover new dimensions of desire in the ERWA Gallery:

Still hungering for hot reading? Our Books for Sensual Readers section is your one-stop source for every sexual subgenre, complete with reviews by our staff. Headlining the section this month is COMING TOGETHER PRESENTS ROBERT BUCKLEY, a stellar volume of erotic noir stories from our very own senior editor, proceeds from which support the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America. You can read "Fortune's Fool", the lead tale from the collection, in the Gallery as well as Ashley Lister's interview with Bob in the Authors Resources section. (Don't believe all his flattering comments about my looks!)

Also featured is Violet Blue's new anthology of taboo-focused erotica for couples, SWEET DANGER and Rachel Kramer Bussel's GOTTA HAVE IT: 69 STORIES OF SUDDEN SEX. (The title says it all!) As a huge fan of Victorian-era erotica, I was drawn to Susan Johnson's SWEET AS THE DEVIL. Fans of gender-bending menage may enjoy Chloe Cole and L.C. Chase's novel THREE TO TANGO. Edward Kendrick's gay erotic novel EVERYONE'S MAN focuses on a male prostitute's struggle to regain his ability to love after being raped, while DATE NIGHT by Kathleen Dale offers a series of steamy lesbian vignettes that reveal the intense connection between the main characters.

For non-fiction, I have to recommend M.Christian's HOW TO WRITE AND SELL EROTICA. With hundreds of erotic publications to his credit, the "Literary Streetwalker" really knows what he's talking about. If "you want something visual/that's not too abysmal" (to quote Frankenfurter from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"), don't miss Maxim Jakubowski's MAMMOTH BOOK OF NEW EROTIC PHOTOGRAPHY.

All these titles and dozens more can be yours in an instant. Just click on our links to Amazon or Amazon UK. You can indulge yourself while knowing that you're doing your part to support the smartest and most original adult site on the web.

Indulge yourself in a literary orgy:

Speaking of a literary orgy, Donna George Storey is up to her usual delicious tricks in the Authors Resources section. Her topic this month is "First Drafts" and the fear they inspire. She says: "A story doesn't exist in the outline or plot, it comes into being sentence by sentence as I write it on the page." I know exactly what she's talking about.

Also in Author Resources, William Gaius begins his consideration of "The Decision to Self-Publish", with some hard-nosed facts. Ashley Lister's The Write Stuff had me gasping with laughter even as he discussed the serious topic of choosing character names. (But I'm sorry - Colin is a perfectly good name for a cat!)

The Resources section also includes literally dozens of calls for submissions. New this month is a call for essays on sexual topics for Rachel Kramer Bussel's BEST SEX WRITING 2012. Other noteworthy opportunities include Books We Love Publishers "Shoot the Moon Contest" (really a call for submissions), a gay sex-and-magick collection edited by Richard Labonte, and calls for bondage/BDSM erotic romance from Total-E-Bound and for stories about "men of mystery" from Loose Id. ERWA posts guidelines from virtually every reputable publisher of erotica, erotic romance and adult non-fiction in the business.

Nurture your muse and polish your publication list:

If you're visiting ERWA just for fun, I'm sure you'll want to check out the Sex Toy Playground and Adult Movies pages. In the Playground, Kyra Saunders reviews the Mystic Mini Wand rechargeable vibrator (with some informative photos) while the folks at Good Vibrations provide a tutorial on strengthening your PC muscles (you know, the ones that lead to cataclysmic coming...). The Sex Toy Scuttlebutt column features toys that double as exercise tools, as well as a number of elegant but oddly shaped vibrators. Both Babeland and Good Vibrations have discount offers for ERWA folks. We also welcome Eden Fantasys, a new affiliate. (Check out their great banner on the Inside the Erotic Mind "Loud & Proud" page!)

All work and no play is simply unacceptable:

Speaking of adult movies, of course we've got the latest for you (with generous discounts from many of our affiliates). XXX-rated parodies continue to be the rage; this month we feature no less than four, ranging from Superman to the Silence of the Lambs! I rather liked the description of "The Masseuse", featuring buff guys, demanding clients, and a gorgeous, predatory ex-girlfriend. On a similar theme, but with a good deal less plot, there's "Malibu Massage Parlor", which offers big butts and lots of oil. Couples will enjoy the "For Lovers Only" collection, four full-length DVD features full of true passion. Meanwhile, I always like to see what's new in the "Classics" section. With today's technology, forgotten gems are constantly being resurrected and restored. This month I hit paydirt with "Class of '86", BDSM porn from the early days when this genre was truly taboo. I also took a peek at our extensive anime listings. I vote for "La Blue Girl Episode 6". How can I resist a heroine who is a "supernatural sex ninja"?

Come watch:

Inside the Erotic Mind, our members are telling some great stories about being noisy during sex. Are you "loud and proud"? Just click on the "Participate" link to share your thoughts and experiences.

You never know what you'll encounter Inside the Erotic Mind:

Our Web Gem this month is Hips and Curves, the premiere on-line lingerie shop for big, beautiful women. Hips and Curves believe your gorgeous curves are made to be flaunted, caressed, adored - and adorned - in the latest and greatest plus size styles. So let your gorgeous cleavage spill out of a curve-enhancing plus size corset. Decorate your derriere in a pair of black lacy boy shorts. Throw on a pair of killer high heels and sashay around the bedroom like the sexy kitten you truly are. Hips and Curves has plus size intimate apparel for your every mood and whim. So what are you waiting for?

Click on Hips and Curves and start shopping!

Well, that's all for March. Next month I'll be otherwise occupied (my annual visit to slave training camp to brush up on my skills), but my dear friend Ashley Lister has promised to entertain you as least as thoroughly as I do. (I wonder if he completely understands what he's signed up for!) Until we meet again in the lusty month of May, I am:

Lasciviously yours,

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Call for Submissions (open call)

Beachwalk Press is a royalty paying, full-service e-publisher. We are accepting submissions of all subgenres of romance with a rating of "sensual" or higher. We are not accepting "sweet" romances. We are accepting manuscripts of no less than 15,000 words and no more than 75,000 words.

Please send a short query letter in the body of the email and attach a full synopsis and the completed manuscript. These should be two separate attachments named as: Title_AuthorName_synopsis and Title_AuthorName_submission.

Submissions should be sent via email to:

Please format your work as follows:

1 inch margins
1.5 line spacing
Times New Roman, 12pt.

For more information, visit:

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Erotic Lure Newsletter: February Edition

From the Erotica Readers & Writers Association
By Lisabet Sarai
February 2011

Dear Acolytes of Eros,

It's February and romance is in the air. Time for kisses and kink, chocolates and chains, roses and restraints... Okay, perhaps your idea of the perfect Valentine's Day is more traditional (or vanilla) than mine, but no one can deny that underneath the hearts and flowers, Valentine's is about shared tender moments, intense emotional connections, and getting some tail. Here at the Erotica Readers & Writers Association, our Valentine's celebrations tend more to the explicit.

Breaking with convention, I begin this month's tour in the Sex Toy Playground, where our friends from Good Vibrations offer a wonderful article on flirting and foreplay called "How to Set the Mood". Sensuality and romance tend to get pushed into the background by all the worrisome details of our daily lives. The column provides a wealth of suggestions for bringing them back into the spotlight.

Also in the Playground, we feature a review of Chippendale's Diva, a device that Mr. and Mrs. Toy praise as being perfect for couples, and our regular round-up of the latest and greatest erotic instruments, Sex Toy Scuttlebutt. For February, Good Vibrations, Babeland and Adam & Eve are all offering discounts for ERWA customers. Check out the Scuttlebutt for details.

Toys keep you young (and horny):

From the Playground, I'll just slide on over (using recently purchased lube) to the ERWA screening room, otherwise known as our Adult Movies section. Headlining here you'll find the erotic extravaganza "Body Heat", praised by our reviewer as the best pornographic film he's ever seen, in terms of acting, plot and cinematography as well as sex. Also of note is the thought- (and arousal-) provoking "Sanatorium", a tale of a prostitute's quest to free herself from the crazy-making hypocrisy of society. Looking for something a little lighter? Check out "Cheaters' Retreat", where troubled couples come to consult a sexy, unconventional relationship guru. And if you're really not interested in any plot at all, just steamy, delicious sex, you can't go wrong with "Buttwoman vs. Slutwoman". It's difficult to know who to root for!

We've got deals for you here, too, from Adam & Eve, Adult DVD Empire, SmutNetwork, and our new affiliate Hot Movies. Why not pick a flick or two for Cupid's day? It's a lot cheaper than a candlelight dinner in a fancy restaurant.

For those who like to watch:

I enjoy sexy films, but (as you might expect from an author), the written word is even more likely to turn me on. The February theme in the ERWA Galleries is, appropriately, "Sensual Romance". Among our theme offerings you'll find a reluctant partner, a damaged biker, a historical tryst and an unusual shape-shifting hero. Don't stop with the theme stories, though. We have several titillating tales that will definitely get you in the mood for amorous adventure. And if you're still not satisfied, you can rummage through the conveniently categorized ERWA Treasure Chest to find exactly the sort of story you crave: queer, kinky or sensual, long or short.

Imagination is the ultimate aphrodisiac:

Exhibitionism and voyeurism rule in this month's Books for Sensual Readers section. Alison Tyler and Rachel Kramer Bussel team up to offer the sensational collection HIDE AND SEEK, while Christopher Pierce serves up gay stories on the same theme in the I LIKE TO WATCH anthology. BEST LESBIAN ROMANCE 2011, edited by Radclyffe, is an obvious Valentine's choice, but Kannan Feng's M/M BDSM fantasy THE LORD OF MISRULE is equally romantic in its own way. Fans of erotic romance may enjoy Kate Pearce's SIMPLY FORBIDDEN, a Regency featuring a heroine who's anything but innocent, or Lynne Connolly's evocative tale of art and love, UNBROKEN. Looking for some fun non-fiction? Check out Rachel Greenwald's HAVE HIM AT HELLO, a book based on confessions from one thousand guys about what makes them fall in love. My pick in the arts and photography category is AMERICA SWINGS, Naomi Harris' compendium of photos taken (with permission) at thirty eight swinger's gatherings across the U.S.

All these titles and many more can be yours with a click of a mouse. Whenever you use our affiliate links, you support ERWA and its mission: to provide the highest quality adult content on the web (i.e. to turn you on!)

Browse our virtual shelves:

Authors! We haven't forgotten you! This month in the Authors Resources section we begin a new series by the articulate and entertaining William Gaius, entitled "Kill Electrons, Not Trees". William will focus on topics related to the digital revolution in publishing. Don't miss it!

Ashley Lister's The Write Stuff column this month is entitled "Not Writing Erotica" and includes some cringe-worthy examples of what NOT to do in your writing. (If you have an allergy to bared, bouncing breasts, you might want to skip this article...)

Have you visited the Writers Room lately? This compendium of advice and discussion covers topics from Agents to Villains. If you like what you see, consider joining the ERWA Writers email list (from which the Writers Room discussions derive), a great source of information as well as support.

Starting this month, we've integrated the Calls for Submissions lists into the Author Resources page. The number of publishing opportunities available is mind-boggling. You'll find at least a half-dozen calls for "Best of" anthologies, as well as collections focused on dark mythology and Father's Day. M. Christian and A. Rosselini are putting together a collection on sex and food, entitled A LOVERS' FEAST, while C.B. Potts needs stories for MELT IN YOUR MOUTH: CHOCOLATE, BOYS AND BED. What could be more appropriate for Valentine's Day? ERWA offers the most comprehensive guide to erotic publishing opportunities on the web, updated several times a month.

Kick start your writing career:

Inside the Erotic Mind this February, our members discuss "taking care of business" - masturbating in the (possibly sleeping) presence of your partner. How do you feel about this? How does your partner feel? You'll find a wide range of opinions. Add your own by clicking on the Participate link.

Shed your inhibitions and share your secrets:

Our featured February Web Gem is For fans of audio erotica, Hot Talking is a fun website that offers hours of quality stories and albums for your listening pleasure. If you're really adventurous, you can compose your own fantasy and your favorite voice on Hot Talking will professionally record and mix it for you. Very cool!

Hot Talking is always on the lookout for new voice talent and the process of selling on Hot Talking could not be easier. Just register your voice profile and start selling. The payout model is similar to iTunes and Amazon without all the content restrictions. It's really a great place to buy and sell audio erotica. Their story listings are always growing so you are certain to find something that interests you at Hot Talking:

Well, if I haven't managed to get you in the mood for Cupid's day, I don't know what will! My personal Valentine's plans involve champagne, caviar and hot wax. I'll leave the details to your imagination.

Whatever the amorous adventures in which you choose to indulge this month, may your love be requited and your pleasure immeasurable!

Romantically yours,

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