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Monday, June 29, 2015

We interrupt this program...

Hi, everyone, 
Just want to let you know that ERWA (website and email lists) will be transitioning to a new host this week. There may be intermittent disruptions with the email lists as well as the ERWA web site, but by the time it's concluded, we hope some of the nagging problems we've experienced over the past months will be history.

Thanks for your patience.
(And in just a few days, you'll be able to enjoy the summer edition of the ERWA website, and my Erotic Lure newsletter. Stay tuned!)
~ Lisabet

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Call for Submissions

To Obey Her
Edited by Jillian Boyd
Publisher: House of Erotica
Deadline: August 31st 2015
Word count: 3000-6500
Theme: Femdom BDSM
Genre: Contemporary setting, any subgenre welcome
Pairing: Any
Heat level: Scorching
Submission limit: One story per author
Payment details: Payment details: 50% of royalties split equally among the contributors and editor. Royalty threshold is £50.

For this anthology, I am looking for well-written, well-characterized and sizzling hot erotica with a strong femdom BDSM and kink element. I want a clear power dynamic between the Domme and the person (or people they’re playing with) – trust, respect and consent are keywords here. I welcome stories from both the Domme and the submissive’s point of view. Show me Dommes with doubts and imperfections, subs who know what they want and aren’t pushovers, the lighter side, the darker side, the love and trust and fun in the kinky sex these characters share.

I’d like the characters to be diverse in age, gender and sexual orientation (I would definitely welcome stories featuring characters who identify as queer or Trans*), race and experience. A first time sub being shown the ropes (take that as literally as you want) by a caring Domme? Bring it on. Two seasoned players and their day to day lives? Hell yeah. A creative twist on current popular BDSM erotica tropes? Surprise me! I am mainly looking for contemporary settings, but I wouldn’t turn away historical stories or stories set in the future. Send me the story only you can write.

Submission details at:

Call for Submissions

Edited by Jillian Boyd
Publisher: House of Erotica
Deadline: September 15th 2015
Word count: 3000-6500
Theme: Oral sex
Pairing: any
Genre: various
Heat level: Scorching
Submission limit: One story per author
Payment details: Payment details: 50% of royalties split equally among the contributors and editor. Royalty threshold is £50.

For this anthology, use your mouth. And tongue. And hands and fingers, for some assistance. Yes, I’m looking for stories about all kinds of oral sex. You can interpret that theme in any way you like, as long as you bring me strong characters, a creative plot and perhaps a little bit of fun and playfulness.

Pairings and characters can be varied in sexuality and gender (and in number). The focus is very much on oral sex – the taste of your lover, the scent, the feelings the act invokes in both the giver and receiver. Make me feel the urgency, the need, the intimacy and trust. I want these stories to cover the varied ways the oral pleasure can be served up, the varied emotions and catalysts for the act.

Submission details at:

Writing Non-Fiction - A Primer

Elizabeth Black writes in a wide variety of genres including erotica, erotic romance, and dark fiction. She lives on the Massachusetts coast with her husband, son, and three cats. Visit her web site, her Facebook page, and her Amazon Author Page.


This post is another article about my time at The Muse And The Marketplace writers conference held in Boston in the spring of 2015. The last time, I talked about writing query letters. This time, I'd like to talk about pitching non-fiction work to magazines and web sites.

Although it's been a few years, I have written for non-fiction publications, including magazines and web sites such as On The Issues, SexIs, Good Vibrations Magazine, and Alternet. I've written about feminist, sexuality, and relationship issues. I've always found that non-fiction magazine and article writing paid better than fiction writing. Most of my earnings came from my non-fiction writing, including blog posts and other work I had written for the British sex toys company Bondara. I actually started out writing non-fiction articles for magazines long before I wrote my first fictional story. I'd like to get back into this someday, and the tips I heard from the speaker at The Muse And The Marketplace who spoke about writing for magazines will be a great help.

There are many different types of articles. There are personal essays, investigative pieces, op-eds. Choose what you want to write. I'm focusing on personal essays and investigative pieces since I had written both.

One key to writing for magazines is to make your article personal. Keep in mind that editors receive pitches for the same topics, especially if they are newsworthy and current, and you need to make your pitch unique. An example is to tie in an anecdote to the non-fiction topic you are writing about. Base it on your personal experience with the topic at hand. This will personalize your article and give it warmth so that it doesn't come across as cold, detached, or rote. When I wrote about the blow job and Altoids mints myth for nuts4chic magazine, which was a British pop culture ezine, I based part of my article on personal experience. I had done the Altoids bit with my husband with comical results.

So you've chosen your topic and how you can personalize it. What do you do next? Do your research. That's what Google is for. Interview people who are experts in the field or find articles they've written. I had visited Snopes, the urban legend site, to learn more about the Altoids blow job myth. Snopes didn't have much and I didn't agree with quite a bit of what the site said, per my own experience. Still, the information was useful.

Now, to pitch your story. First, research magazines to determine which ones would be a good fit. The Muse speaker recommended Slate for never-before-published writers. I was already a staff writer for nuts4chic so my article had a home, but I've written pieces that required a cold pitch. I visited Alternet, Slate, and Salon. Alternet was the best fit for my article about why men fake orgasms. When you pitch, don't be vague by stating, for example, "I want to write an article about why men fake orgasms".  What's interesting to you about the topic? For me, it was unusual that it happened at all. Most people think of women faking orgasms for a multitude of reasons. I found sexuality forums where men freely discussed with me their reasons for faking the Big O. Those interviews personalized the topic and made it much more specific. Also, specify research and such that supports your points. I referred to The ABC News Primetime Live Poll: The American Sex Survey.

It helps if you've written pieces similar to the one you are pitching. You may want to include up to two examples of your writing on the topic in your pitch, whether published or unpublished. Or do what I do and give links to previously published articles so that the editor may read at his or her leisure. Proving links prevents your pitch letter from being too busy and long.

Be prepared for rejections. The Muse speaker submitted ten times to New York Magazine before one of his pitches was accepted. I submitted often to Alternet and saw plenty of my pitches rejected, but some were also accepted.

Find ideas. Read a lot on your given topic. Hot current topics in the news always make for great articles ideas, but remember to make yours unique. You may have a hard time seeing your pitch accepted since everyone and her sister is writing about the same topic. Take it from a fresh angle – one that hasn't been tried before. Write an unpopular opinion on a given topic. The Muse speaker loved to write about people he disagreed with.

Don't sell yourself short. Look that websites and magazines that pay, preferably those that pay well. I often received upwards of $200 and more for a 1,000 word article.  The problem with "for the love" sites is that you get what you pay for. Granted, some writers may be excellent but you'll also run into substandard, poorly researched crap. You have a better chance of being in good company with a reputable magazine or website that pays well. There is a vetting process in paying markets that you may not find in non-paying markets. There's always exceptions to the rule, but remember those are exceptions.

It's fun to branch out from fiction into non-fiction. You can gain an entirely new audience who will not only follow your non-fiction pieces but they may also buy your books.  Jump into the deep end of writing non-fiction. The water feels great.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Call for Submissions

Nobilis Erotica is the longest running and most prolific erotica podcast on the internet! It's hard to be that awesome (and sexy) without a bit of help. Even Nobilis can only produce so much wonderful smut.

Which is where you come in. Nobilis is looking for your best, most delectable and utterly sexy speculative fiction erotica stories. We're looking for robots that turn you on, dragons that might want to do things with the princess other than devour her, and what happens when the lights go out in every sense of the word (possibly with a tentacle or three). Take off the corsets and uniforms and have some fun. We welcome LGBTQ+ stories.

Submission details at:

Call for Submissions

Sinful Press is looking to publish erotic novels of over 60k. Advance offered.

We are interested in well-written mainstream romance, dark or paranormal erotica with strong characters and a good plotline. Sex scenes must be believable, explicit and in keeping with the chosen sub-genre.

We do have a preference for female protagonists but could be persuaded to accept male protagonists if the story is strong enough.

While we don’t expect you to have professionally edited your novel, we do expect to see minimal spelling/grammatical mistakes. In other words, we want to see a final draft not a first draft.

We will also consider novellas of 20-60k. At present we are only looking for romance, BDSM, and paranormal erotica. These will be on a royalty only basis, no advance, and while they will have the same amount of care and attention as our novels, they will only be available in ebook format.

More information can be found on our submission page at: